Tournament Schedule
Fedor’s goal, not just in the game of pool but in life, is to be a better person and player than he was the day before.
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Bar Box Classic 16.000$ ADDED
East Moline, IL
One Pocket, 10-Ball, 8-Ball
1-5 of June
Hannah Choi Memorial 10.000$ ADDED
Sterling, VA

10–12 of June
Midwest Expo 18.000$ ADDED
Des Moines, IO
One Pocket, Banks, 9-Ball
13-17 of July
Racks on the Rocks 25.000$ ADDED
Peoria, IL
One Pocket, 10-Ball, 9-Ball
20-23 of July
Brendan Crocket Memorial 10.000$ ADDEDD
Sacramento, CA
29-31 of July
Junior Norris Open 25.000$ ADDED
Wichita Falls, TX
One Pocket, Banks, 10-Ball
8-14 of August
No schedule
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