Peoria, IL

Another good week for me, this time in Illinois. We drove 4 hours East from Des Moines to play in 25.000$ added Omega Open. The event had 3 tournaments. One Pocket and 10-Ball on the 9ft table and the main event was the 9-ball on a 7 footer. 300$ entry One Pocket tournament went really well for me this time. I ended up winning the event, beating Morra, Woodward and Chohan twice. Second event was 10-Ball. Single elimination format with a longer race and a tougher breaking format. I ended up winning this event as well, beating Shane Van Boening in the semifinals in the craziest match being down 9/4 and coming back to win hill hill. Defeated John Morra in the finals. Finished somewhere in top 16 in the bar table event, which finished around 6am of the last day. I’m kinda glad that I was out and had some sleep, haha. 

Just want to say thanks to Robert Williams and Omega Billiards for making a great event for the first time there. I’ve played multiple times at Racks on the Rocks and it was always a good time.

This event definitely was a marathon, we had to spent our day off yesterday in St Louis laying by the pool. Next event is Brendan Crocket Memorial at Hard Times Billiards and we are in Sacramento, already!

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