Sacramento, CA

We flew from St Louis to Sacramento right after the tournament in Peoria. Kristina scheduled some lessons before the tournament and I planned to just chill and practice a little bit, but turned out to play non stop pool all week, lol. They say California has no action and pool is not as good there as Midwest, but in all honestly I find it even better than Midwest. I love California and would consider it one of the states I would want to move in. Hard Times Billiards is one of my favorite pool room with clean, good equipment and great food. Oscar Dominguez is my long time pool friend who became the owner of this pool room couple of years ago and turned it into a pool player’s heaven. 

Brendan Crocket Memorial had 181 players this time, which is a big big number of players. I ended up winning the event, beating John Morra in the finals. I lost to John earlier on the winners side and had to play 3 matches on the losers to play him again in the final. It was a long grind as usual. Sunday started at 10am with an early morning match and ended around 3am of the next day. 

Flew to Wichita Falls already to prepare for my match against Chip Compton, which starts on August 4th. Make sure to buy PPV on if you want to sweat our match. 

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