Wichita Falls, TX

It was a long 15 days that I spent in Wichita Falls, TX this year. I came there to play a long race to 24 of one pocket against Chip Compton and participate in 8th Annual Junior Norris tournament. 

My second long race of one pocket went well for me, I ended up beating Chip 24-12, but the score doesn't say how close the match actually was. I had a big lead in at least 5 games and ended up losing them. I learned a lot during this match and have lots to learn still, but happy overall to be the winner in the end of the day.  Want to say thanks to Robbert Pond and Broad St Billiards fro hosting our match. Omega Billiards with Steven Wyatt provided the quality stream for our match, thanks to everyone who supports us.

Junior Norris began with a ring game and a VIP dinner as usual. This year the event wasn't as big as last year and the organizers even had to cancel the One Pocket and Banks due to low interest. Having European Open and a tournament in Canada on the same dates didn't help. Anyways, I ended finishing 4th in the ring game. Vitaliy Patsura became the winner, leaving Greg Hogue with 2nd. 

10-Ball and 9-Ball went really good for me, I won both disciplines and ended up not losing a single match during that week. Congrats to Shane McMinn and Tommy Tokoph for their deep finishes as well. I received an All Around award and 2 more trophies to add to my collection:)

Next event is HEX Open at CR's Billiards in Coon Rapids, MN where I won my very first bar table tournament back in 2017, I believe. Stay tuned everyone!
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