Des Moines, IA

I was mentioning before that traveling without a car in the United States, going to all the tournaments is really tough, so I decided to buy a car here. We drove 9 hours from Louisville to Des Moines, IA to play in the Midwest Expo at Big Dog Billiards. I played in this tournament multiple times and had some deep finishes, but never won it.

One pocket only had 11 players this time. The entry fee was 500$ and I expected the field to be full with pool room adding 5000$ to the event, but didn’t happen. Finished third this time losing to Tony Chohan twice (4:2, 4:3), he played great both sets and outplayed me. On the positive side I won the 9-Ball event, which had 18 players and 10000$ in added money and a banks ring game which had 8 players and was played on a Bigfoot table. Winning the ring game was a big surprise, it takes a lot of luck to win something like that, but definitely was fun to play. It was a really good week for me here and we are heading to Peoria, IL for another great event.
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