Gorst-Frost, One Pocket

Ended up winning 21/12 over Scott Frost in our 3-Day battle. Probably the quickest one pocket I’ve ever played, with almost no defense at all. First day finished 7/6 in my favor and I was thinking that Scott will be playing ultra defensive on Day 2, which didn’t happen. We played open and very aggressive, I gained confidence and ran balls better than him. 

Thanks a lot to everyone who came and watched the match in person, I hope everyone had a good time! Thanks to Kyle Ferguson and Railyard Billiards & Sports Pub for hosting our match. Steven Wyatt and did a great job providing the stream with fixing the problems on the overhead camera after Day 1👏🏻 Jason Sword was phenomenal in the booth with Josh Roberts, thanks to them as well! All I do since February is playing bar table and 1 Pocket, so I guess it’s paying off. Looking forward to my next matches! Stay tuned folks!

Off to a long trip full of tournaments starting in Des Moines, IO. Big Dogs will be hosting a 18.000$ ADDED event once again, I played it twice already and finished in the finals of 10-Ball last year. Will try to show my best as usual! Stay tuned folks, a lot of pool coming up!
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