Jacksonville, FL

I’ve had a good week in Jacksonville, Florida last week! Ended up winning the banks ring game Friday night and won the main 10-Ball event late Sunday night. Also finished 4th in banks. Didn’t have much time to enjoy the beach, because of the weather, but on our first day we caught the most beautiful sunset I’ve ever witnessed in my life! We were staying right on the beach and had to evacuate the second day of our stay. My personal food spot recommendation - Cap's on the Water in St. Augustine. We went there right before the sunset and it was gorgeous, food is unbelievable as well.

It was a short trip but feels like it was just non stop pool! Thursday night me and Shane Van Boening were doing challenge matches at the 9 Ball Heaven Pool Room and thanks to everyone who came there that night, I enjoyed my time being there.

Huge thanks to CueTec & Marrianne’s tournament crew (Mommy especially) for the event! I hope there will be more tournaments in Florida in future, I want to be back! 

I’m already back banging balls and getting ready for the US Open by Matchroom Pool which starts next Monday in Atlantic City, looking forward to that one! Busy few months ahead with official events only!

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