Sterling, VA

First time ever been a part of organizing side of the event. Hannah Choi was my very close friend and a very close friend to our pool community. Hannah always wanted to make a big pool event in DC area and it was a no brainer for us to organize one in her honor. The event was held at First Break Cafe in Sterling, VA on 8 9ft Diamond tables. I would like to thank Anthony Luong for hosting the event at his pool room, Anthony Milanesi for the cue that he donated for us to raise some money for the event, Mike Hoang and Steven Wyatt for streaming the event, Cuetec for sponsoring the event and of course Brian Kilgore and Lai Li who ran the event super smooth without one complaint. Thanks a lot to 3Seconds for the case that they donated for our event as well! Jason Sword was doing commentary non stop from early morning till the last match of the day and everybody loved it.

We will try to make this event every year. We were adding 10.000$ to the prize purse this year and decided not to have Calcutta to not mess up the schedule. Next year we are planning to add more money and have the Calcutta. Big plans ahead! DMV area needs more tournaments like this.

I ended up winning the event, beating Shane Wolford in the close final. Shane is progressing really quick and i won't be surprised if you hear his name more and more nowadays.

Overall i feel like the event ran well, without any crucial delays. Hopefully you all enjoyed it as much as we did, thanks for being a part of something that we do!
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