Louisville, KY

Managed to beat Carlo Biado 120-86, playing 9-ball with the toughest break format. Break box, 3 point rule and 9ball was racked on the spot.

Overall, I think the score doesn’t show how tight the match was. At some point we were tied at 46-46, but I always found a way to keep the lead. Long races aren’t for everybody, mentally and physically draining stuff, but definitely a good practice and a way to find flaws in your game. I’m glad I played that set and know what to work on going forward.

I have a big respect for Carlo’s game and the way he acts, always a pleasure to play against him. I had more rolls than a bakery and Carlo never said a thing and admitted that I was breaking better, which was true, but I also had almost every roll that I could possibly had.

Want to say thanks to everyone who was involved and especially Kyle Ferguson, who was the man behind the scene in the last few matches I’ve played and I want to say thank you for everything you do for me and pool!

Busy schedule ahead! Flying tomorrow to Michigan to play in US Pro Billiard Series. It will be my first official event since February. Looking forward to come back👊🏼


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